Your Time - Are you working longer hours than you want to?

“No matter what I do, I never seem to get everything done!” Does this sound familiar?

Most business owners find themselves bogged down by the day to day tasks of running a business and very often rushing to attend pointless meetings.  All of this takes up so much time that keeping on top of everything feels like an uphill battle.

Let us help you evaluate what you are actually spending your time on, clarify what tasks can be delegated or even dropped altogether, and get you to focus on the priorities that your business needs. You will be able utilise your time more efficiently, work strategically towards your goals and cut down your hours so that you can spend more time with family and friends.

Your Money - Is your business paying you less than you’d hoped?

Running your own business can be exciting, but there’s always one area of concern for many business owners - handling the finances!  Are you worried that more money is going out than coming in? Do you find it hard to make decisions for your business simply because there isn’t enough money in the bank?

A healthy cash flow is an essential part of any successful business and it minimises the amount of uncertainty. Let us help you manage your cash flow and create robust sales forecasts and pricing strategies. By putting systems in place to track your expenses we can identify opportunities where you can generate more profit .…and get paid more!

Your Team - Are you struggling to hire and keep the right people?

Finding people who not only have the right skills for the job but also ‘fit in’ with your company’s culture is not easy.  Let us help you with your whole recruitment process - creating a job ad, writing a job description, interviewing techniques and offering the job to the right candidate.

Once your team is in place we will support you with strategies to manage and retain great people, measure their performance and ensure they are motivated, productive and can be relied on to run the business even when you are not there.

Your Market - Are you attracting the right audience….and are they buying?

The most important consideration in any marketing strategy is the client – the person whom you are trying to persuade to purchase your product or service. You need to understand the way they think, their beliefs and how their opinions are formed. Are you getting a good return on your marketing investment?

Let us help you devise a marketing plan to define your target markets and attract new customers, boost your sales and keep those customers returning to buy from you again and again.

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